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Helping all children realize their potential

Helping All Children Realize Their Potential

Helping All Children Realize Their Potential


Dyslexia Therapy

Students with Dyslexia require intense intervention that often isn’t provided in school. We work with students in an individual setting and use multi-sensory learning techniques that have been approved by the International Dyslexia Association.

All of our Dyslexia Tutors are either Certified Dyslexia Therapists or Certified Dyslexia Practitioners. More importantly, we believe that every child can become a fluent grade-level reader with the right instruction.

We can help!

We are dyslexia specialists in the Denver area and we use a systematic reading program designed to help children who are diagnosed with dyslexia or children who exhibit several of the signs. We are certified dyslexia therapists and specialists and use the Wilson Reading System. Students with dyslexia learn best when they use a multi-sensory approach. We use the student's visual, auditory and kinesthetic pathways simultaneously to help him/her overcome language processing issues. This method creates an environment where students are better able to store and retrieve information.