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Heather Shaw


Heather Shaw, M.A.

Gifted, Twice Exceptional, and Advanced Learning Consultant


B.S. Elementary Education
University of Illinois

M.A. Bilingual and Linguistically Diverse Education
Colorado University Boulder

Heather Shaw is an Educational Consultant.  Her experience in education spans 18 years as a classroom teacher, literacy coordinator, English Language Acquisition Specialist, Differentiation Coach, and Gifted and Talented teacher.  Her passion for working with advanced learners and gifted children began when her own two daughters were identified as gifted learners, one of them being twice exceptional.  Heather has an extensive history of evaluating, supporting and advocating for children with diverse educational needs.   She understands the unique assets and challenges impacting our brightest children in and outside of school.  Away from work Heather enjoys hiking, camping, fostering dogs, and traveling with her husband and daughters.